New Mexico has a vast array of small, rural museums that dot the landscape and that often are ignored in tourism literature. Here you will find many of the unsung tiny museums of New Mexico and learn what stories they hold.  These small institutions tell stories about our rich and varied history and hold the tangible evidence of those stories. I have spent almost two decades traveling around and searching out these small museums as part of my work with small New Mexico museums.

A friend once asked where he could find these places if he could noNew Mexico Map with regions markedt call me before he left on a trip around the state. He asked if there was there a guide he could put in the glove box of his car? This site is a guide to finding museums almost anywhere you might be traveling in New Mexico. The entries here are arranged by region as defined in this map.The site may mention, but not include extensive information about the state’s larger museums – you can find those easily. This site is for those museums you might miss or, as one friend calls them, the “no-see-ums.”

There are around 200 small museums in New Mexico, so it may take some time to get them all described here. If you know of museums that are not listed here, that are new, or that have closed, please let us know.





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