Cerrillos Turquoise Mining Museum and Petting Zoo

Turquoise Mining MuseumCerrillos Turquoise Mining Museum and Petting Zoo is part of the Casa Grande Trading Post. Starting in the mid-1970s, the Brown family built what is now a 28-room hacienda. Five of the rooms are devoted to the trading post and the mining museum.

The mining museum started as a way to preserve the history of the village of Cerrillos. Todd and Patrician Brown began gathering discarded antiques and artifacts from around the town. There are old mining tools and equipment, rocks, bottles, tools, insulators, coffee cans, hand grinders and displays about the town’s mining history.

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Address: 17 Waldo Street, Cerrillos, NM 87010
Phone: 505-438-3008
Hours: Daily, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Website: http://www.casagrandetradingpost.com
Admission: $2 per person or $5 for three people. Other group rates are available. Food for the animals is $2.00/bag



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